Our property

  • 92 available beds
  • 29 rooms:
    • 5 with two beds
    • 13 with three beds
    • 8 with three beds
    • 2 with five beds

Ostello Domus Augusta
Tariffe base
two beds room for single user 28,00 EUR
two beds room* 46,00 EUR
three beds room 64,00 EUR
four beds room 84,00 EUR
five beds room* 100,00 EUR
groups from 10 to 19 people* 21,00 EUR a persona
groups more than 20 people* 20,00 EUR a persona
All rooms with private adjoinig bathroom
* Base floor rooms have common bathroom
Check-in from 5:00pm to 9:00pm
Overtime check-in: 20 EUR

Available services:

common room, vending machines for drinks and snacks, accessible environment for the disabled on the ground floor, launderette, agreements with nearby facilities for breakfast and meals, public telephone, fax service, free wi-fi, possibility to rent bikes, nearby conference room / library (municipal services).