Visit the Basilica

A short walk from the hostel and .... in a few minutes you're in the middle of the show! The beautiful church of Santa Maria Assunta, the Campanile with the forecourt and the grassy field to relax and stop and observe, maybe sitting comfortably at the coffee shop in front.

Basilica di Aquileia
La Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta

Campanile e Lupa
Il Campanile e la Lupa romana

Don't miss anyway a visit inside the Basilica where you can admire the largest mosaic floor from the Roman still intact.

Interno della Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta

Still from the Basilica you can access the contiguous portion of the bell tower where are visible other artifacts and mosaic fragments recovered from the original pavement.

From the left side of the square you can also reach the Sacred Way (Via Sacra) and visit the Roman River Port to have an idea of what was the city in its time of greatest development.

Il Porto Fluviale romano a lato della Via Sacra

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